DJ RM's Bio

Rodrigo Antônio Mello, aka DJ RM was restless as a child. He remembers his parents having a “3 in 1” electronic device that he alone learned how to separate old records and teach himself  how to scratch over the songs he heard on the radios. DJ RM’s love of rap, funk and soul music began because of DJs on FM stations in the 1990s. Today at age 36,  he goes by the codename – RM – his artistic brand. 

His career spans over 14 years with 18 awards under his belt, that’s a very expressive number for RM, as well as his crew of DJs, in the history of Brazilian Hip Hop. In 2003 he participated for the first time in the DJs championship “Hip Hop DJ” where he was able to reach the finals. It was also at this time that he began to be part of the crew “Clã Leste DJs”, alongside DJ Erick Jay, DJ Soares, DJ Zulu, DJ Buiu and DJ Jerry. 

He was admired for his precise technique of mixing and turntablism (the art of manipulating sounds and creating songs through turntables and a mixer), especially for beats and scratches. In 2008, he won the “DMC Brasil” championship. In the same year he was the Brazilian representative at the end of DMC World in England and was among the 10 best DJs in the World. 

As a music producer, RM worked with rap groups such as: Target of the Law, Less Crime, Killatroz, Cruel Reality, Black Brotherhood, Xis, Rapping Hood, Alfa fi n Raphael, Gaspar (Z’Africa Brazil), Kartel de La Rua, Rapadura , Dugueto Shabbaz, Maré Martins, Vandré At the base of the Faith, Clan Nordestino among many others. 

With the independent label Arame Records, began to do production for emerging groups. DJ RM also produced the soundtrack for the documentary “Improvised City” and starred in the documentary “I, the Vinyl, and the “Rest of the World”, a documentary that participated in the “It’s All True” festival. He was also invited by rapper Xis to mix Xis Tape Vol. 01 and co-produced the mixtape “The Game” by DJ Bola 8 of Cruel Reality. He currently works as a DJ with rappers such as: Rapadura, Xis e Sombra (SNJ). 

Most notably DJ RM was a DMC World jury member  in London for five years and played with Rapper Rapadura Xique Chico at the “Hip Hop Camp 2013” festival, which takes place every year in Czech Republic. 

Currently, DJ RM is one of the creators and organizers of the Battle of DJs “Soco Na Gangrena” along with Erick Jay and Basim. 

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