Country: Brazil 

Genres: R&B, HIP-Hop, Funk, Soul, Samba Rock & Drum & Bass

Collecting For 28 Years

My life as a DJ began in the middle of 1989 when I was 13 years old and music began to be part of my life and still is today.  My uncle worked on TV Culture and used to make the musical repertoire for the radio programs. After awhile my uncle gained many listeners  to his radio shows and requests for cassette tape recording of his popular program.

I started enjoying Flash House because where my grandmother lived my friends and I  heard this music in front of the house. My friend Bruno from the neighborhood had a sister named Barbara who decided to throw a party in her garage but when she arrived later that afternoon I found she was desperate state.  I asked her what happened and she said, “The sound guy will not be able to come”, so  I told her don’t worry I have something here to help.  I had 2 boxes, 1 receiver, a record player with a 2 tape deck player, 1 headset rss crusher, my uncle’s albums and my shoebox full of taped cassette tapes. This was my very first party, what a unique experience.

In 1994 I moved to V. Brasilândia where my life changed and I found myself meeting new friends.  At this time I was presented with a world of new styles of music such as; rap, funk, soul.  Charmed, I was introduced to a new world in the which I fell in love with. In 2000 I was out of work and I began to sell pirate CD in the stores of the gallery. On May 24, I went to take some CDs to the Truck’s Disc of Aritana, when I arrived to deliver the cds there were dj’s from Sambarylove. The guys took it and asked for aritana! There’s some pro music in these cd’s aritana! He was mute for a moment then I picked up the cds and said, “This is tau tau and tau, that other tau track”.  I ended up doing a good sale for him.  In a few days the owner was going to travel to the USA to buy some new records and he said if I want to work at the store, I said yes of course. Fortunately when he came back from the trip I worked for an additional 15 more days. After awhile he offered me the opportunity to work at the store on a regular basis.  I was very happy and I worked at Truck’s Discos for almost 9 years.

In 2009, exchanging an idea with Dj Célio, we decided to open a store where Promo Only Dj’s was born. We’ve been selling music and joy for almost 10 years to the people. As rapper Kamau used to says “Music to us, to the mind, forever“.  DJ Marquinhos da Pesada, was part of the DJ’s Soul Family Crew, resident of the late “Urban Space”, one of the best nights of Hip Hop and R&B in São Paulo in the 2000s. Their mix tapes were sold on physical CDs at the time. “Tirando Onda” and “Pega Elas”  were a success  in the 90s. The mix also  included the participation of the musician, composer and singer Silvera, a specialist in the subject, who performed at several important festivals of Urban Music such as; São Paulo: Urban Space (Pinheiros), Modd Club (V.Madalena), Dolores Bar (V. Madalena) Vinyl (V. Olímpia), Love.E (V. Olympia), Heaven (Guest), Lotus (Guest), Urban Stage (Moema), Black Bombom (V. Madalena), among others Cultural Event.


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My name is Maurice Edwards and I’m an avid vinyl collector, music historian and novice DJ. My music background consist of 20 years of music retail and promotion and independent artist consulting. I had the fortune of working for two of the largest music retail outlets; Tower Records and Virgin Megastore. After my tenure with major record stores in 2004, I founded a web-based self-funded start-up company called Evolution of Media (EOM) which focused on the needs of independent and major artists in the music industry. Evolution of Media (EOM) grew from 27 unique visitors to over 50,000 unique visitors per month within the first year of going live. What set EOM apart from other competitors was that we limiting site reviews and recommendations to only outstanding emerging artists and major artist that were not visible within the mainstream. Besides working with independent artist from around the globe I established working relationships with the promotion departments of Sony, Interscope and Shanachie records assisting them with extra promotion for artist such as; Al Jarreau, Sky Edwards (Morcheeba), Miki Howard, Vesta Williams, Phil Perry and many more.