Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Mehdi H.

Vinyl Collector: Mehdi H.

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Country: Canada

Birth Country: Morocco

Genres: Jazz, Soul & Rock

Collecting For 8 Years 


That’s really a hard question. I don’t really know ‘’why’’, but I really think I couldn’t really decide and this was simply meant for me. I remember the very first record that was ever in my hand was a copy of Neil Young’s Harvest. I was looking through stuff in a flea market and came across it, I simply recognized the name because my father is a huge Neil Young fan. The copy was in bad shape so the guy gave it to me. I didn’t even know what a vinyl record was at the time, but when I showed it to my dad he explained to me what I was supposed to do to listen to it. Next thing you know, we bought a record player and alll the equipement we needed, and I’ll always remember the feeling when the needle first hit the grooves. Like I said, I knew from that moment that it would become an important part of my life and a big passion.

At first I was really fascinated by the process of listen to music from a record player, and the whole ritual behind it, like looking to the album cover while listen to it and reading the liner notes or the lyrics. Now I realise how much more deep it is for me, and how much, in a world where everything is digitalized and ‘’virtual’’, it is very important to still cherish physical objects like records. The emotional value is also very important, I’m sure every collector knows the story behind every record they own, and that also adds a lot to the listening experience for me. I don’t think streaming will ever be a rewarding experience as close to that…

10 Albums That Have Had A Huge Impact On My Life

P.E. Profiles (13)

P.E. Profiles (14)

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