Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Marcio Salzzi


The 80’s was an unforgettable time for me because that’s when I first heard the rap group Whodini.  I  understood at that moment that this was going to be my new style: Funk, Soul  & Rap was coming in full force with Whodini, I was amazed!  I grew up listening to the original Funk, however,  through my Father’s influences I also learned to like viola fashion, true country music.

One of my greatest pleasures of life has always been the vinyl record, even with all the current technology I never left it. Even with some of the difficulties that life has given me unfortunately, I had to give up many records over the years, but gradually I keep running back to regain them again! My relationship with vinyl is inexplicable and I can say that they have always been my partners and my outlet, I love Vinyl!

“It’s 32 years of relationship with the records and the pleasure of always conquering another one is still alive in me!”


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