Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Edson do Clube do Vinil 

Appearing on Soul: Voce e Eu – July 28, 2018 DJ Edson do Clube do Vinil 

DJ Edson

At a young age I was influence of my Uncle Gilberto, I began to listen to a lot of music from my country such as; accordionist and guitarist Sivuca and samba legend Martinho da Vila. As the years passed, my stepfather became my next major influence musically  because he listened to Black Music.  After awhile I began to enjoy Black Music like Earth, Wind & Fire, Jimmy Bo Horne, Michael Jackson & KC.  I was also influenced by the funk of the 80′ and James Brown.  After coming to live in Barueri I embraced the rhythms of Samba Rock despite other influences and rhythms  that were arriving such as: Disco and Lambada. Over the years I have known Djavan and we have been partnered on many projects like A Pink Samba School which we have been involved with for the last 15 years while my other projects include Black music.  Today I still continue to participate in projects and events when requested or invited .

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