Why Do I Collect Vinyl? DJ Gustavo Magoo

Vinyl Collector: Gustavo Magoo

Gustavo Magoo on Instagram 


Country: Brazil

Genres: House & R&B/Soul

Collecting For 30 Years

I collect vinyl because I find the experience hypnotic, and at first I did not understand what it was i was feeling but enjoyed the good vibes.  Since then everything I heard and bought was a reason to chase those good vibes.  My love for records began with a compact (stereo) I earned from my mother in 1977, however, I started to buy records for myself in 1982, I think.

I have bought and lost a lot of records over the years but whenever possible I still buy some because the digging keeps me alive. No matter how old I get, I will always like music that excites me.  It’s a pity that the price of vinyl is extremely expensive nowadays.



My Favorite 10 Albums From My Collection

P.E. Profiles (15)

P.E. Profiles (16)

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