Featured DJ: Altair Mota 


In 1982 when I was 11 years old, I was already listening to quality music.  It was in the classroom of the the 5th grade that the idea from ​​three older friends came about that I formed a sound team , which I would call Matahare.  Ever since then I became interested and dedicated to learning more and more about the world of Black Music, and that’s when I started to collect albums.

At the age of 16 I was already doing the popular garage dances, which was nothing more than a way to join some friends together, listen to good music, dance and socialize.  My time with Matahare lasted from 1982 to 1987.  We separated because  one after another the original founders of this team passed away.  Marcelino, Amauri and Valmir, also known as China. My story could not be told without mentioning their name even because everything I know I learned from them.  After that I started to be part of Team Bossa 1  in São Paulo, where I am present today.  I am also part of a project called  “Eternal Vinyl Project” with DJ. Altair, DJ.Tatinha and DJ.Renato where our focus it to keep the vinyl culture alive.

I’m now 51 years old and I’m glad to met DJ Julia Vieira who also has an unparalleled knowledge of music in general, from black músic to various rhythms.  I make sure to always have among my friends people who have knowledge of the musical culture.  I always say whenever I’m playing parties or being  introduced on the radio that “music is the soundtrack that transports us from the present to the past making the future become an even greater mystery.”

Thanks to my wife who always supports my music hobby,  I would also like to thank EP Musical TV and the program Soul: Voce e Eu.  Thanks Gilson, DJ.Julia Vieira Gláucio and the whole team.

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