Featured DJ: Rogério Fiorelli


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DJ Rogério Fiorelli was born and raised in Casa Verde Alta, São Paulo north side and grew up listening to all music genres like Original Funk a.k.a. Balanço, MPB, Rock, and Electronic Music,  which was influenced by his families, friends, and all the bailes (Brazilian Parties) that he used to attend.

In 1986 DJ Rogério Fiorelli got his first opportunity to spin at “Baile De Garage” experiencing for the first time the emotion and connection between people and music. Unfortunately the following year he had to put Djing on hold to go to work in the corporation world.

However, in 2014 motivated by friends DJ Rogério Fiorelli returned to his hobby of spinning music.  Nowadays DJ Rogério Fiorelli has been spinning in a variety of projects that has strengthen the culture of  good music. Currently he has been showcasing great music on platforms such as Gosto Pessoal, Vinil Na Area and Soul: Você E Eu.

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