Review By: Eric Iozzi

Album: Almost Persuaded
Artist: Swing Out Sister
Year: 2017
Genre: Jazz pop, Blue eyed soul, Sophisti-pop

If you remember Swing Out Sister’s 80s hits like “Breakout” and “Surrender”, forget them. The band went through some changes during the 90s and nearly quit the radio-friendly format. This is their 10th album (the first in almost 10 years) and was self released. No record label involved. That said, I expected it to be sort of experimental, an almost concept album like their 2001 masterpiece “Somewhere Deep In The Night”. It isn’t. It’s nowhere as intriguing as that album – on the contrary, their music never sounded so relaxed and laid back.

I was seriously disappointed when I listened to it for the first time but it’s slowly growing on me since. “Almost Persuaded” will never rank among the duo’s best albums but is worth listening to anyway. It’s full of what makes me listen to their music in the first place: Andy Connell’s “Brian Wilson meets Ennio Moricone” arrangements and Corinne Drewery’s dreamy vocals. That’s enough to make a fine record but there’s a handful of great songs too. I would give an ear to make music like this.

Favorite tracks: Don’t Give The Game Away, Almost Persuaded, I Wish I Knew, All In A Heartbeat.