Featured DJ: Eduardo Brechó 


Photo By Renato Nascimento

Eduardo Brechó is known by some as a composer producer and by others as a DJ but mostly for always been doing what he loves which is music in general.  Eduardo Brechó grew up listening  to Hip-Hop which was his biggest influence. It was through the sounds of hip -hop that inspired him to start writing music and spinning with the “Grupo Base” in Ribeirão Preto, SP.  Immersed with vinyl since he was a young boy, he inherited the nickname “Brechó” (name given for second hand stores) that his family on his mother’s side used to work.

At 21 years old,  Eduardo moved to São Paulo determined to follow his dream as an artist and make a living. Slowly with hard work Eduardo created a meeting space for DJs, Artists, Poets and Musicians, whom he collaborated with.  He also landed a job as an educator at the “Museu Afro Brasil” and it was during this time that Eduardo picked up the acoustic guitar taught himself some chords and  eventually he began composing his own songs. He always knew that writing music was in his blood and knew that he could be a great addition to other musicians producing and creating arrangements.  Brechó has had some of his songs recorded by Caetano Veloso, Elza Soares e Mad Professor.

Brechó has a huge vinyl collection and his passion for oldies music is known around  the São Paulo’s nightlife.  Eduardo Brechó is  also known for his research on Brazilian Music, funk and especially Afrobeat.  In 2006 and 2007, Brecho was in partnership with Tony Hits, who used to spin “Samba Rock” at parties called “Festa Balacuba” in São Paulo. “Festa Balacuba” granted the duo the chance to travel to other major Brazilian cities as well as London and Paris.

In 2010, Brechó form the band Alafia and was the musical director on the project.  He composed the song “Ela é Favela” with Lurdez da Luz, released on the compilation album  “Coletivo Urbano”.  Performing over 200 concerts in 12 countries and various states throughout Brazil,  Aláfia’s has shared the stage with many big names like: Elza Soares, Zezé Motta, Toni Tornado, Carlos Dafé, Edi Rock, RZO, Thaide, Criolo, Rael, Larissa Luz, Liniker, Tássia Reis, Karol Conka, Sombra, Margareth Menezes, Luísa Maita and many others.

Brechó keeps himself busy with music production work on Salloma Sallomão’s “Agosto na Cidade Murada” and  “Dendê” by Janine Mathias, and producing the soundtrack for the TV series “Axogun”. Currently he have been producing Luana Bayo’s new single and working on a new EP with Max de Castro.





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