Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Altan Mentes

Vinyl Collector: Altan Mentes

Unknownman_lee  on Instagram 

Country: Turkey
Genre: Pop, R&B, Italo-Disco, Rock, World, Electronica & Synthpop 

Collecting For 19 Years

I collect because I love the sound of vinyl.  I prefer vinyl over a CD and have been collecting ever since 1999 when CD was still the format of choice. While most of my peers collect full albums to add to their collections I prefer building a collection of singles; which is the majority of my collection; on vinyl because I love collecting all the different remix versions you could get on singles.

One of my favorite genres is Italo Disco.  Every time the radio here in Istanbul plays 80’s Italo Disco it becomes my mission to find that song on vinyl . My favorite artists and biggest influence are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, George Michael and Sade.


Music will always part of my life and so will vinyl.


“10 Albums or Singles That I Listen To Often”.

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P.E. Profiles (9)

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