DJ Jean Raps was born and raised in Pari, São Paulo, and is the youngest of three brothers who are also DJ’s.  His uncles were his biggest influence growing up because they used to own all the right equipment and used to play at parties around Canidé, SP. At 15,  DJ Jean used to attend raps parties at the Sunset Club in Santana, SP and it was there that he started receiving invitations from many DJ’s such as: DJ Grand Master Duda, DJ Luciano and DJ Dom Black to spin at the famous “Bailes Chic Show”.

However at 41 DJ Jean Raps only plays sporadically at parties and bars around São Paulo.  DJ Jean states “What used to be a career now it is just a hobby”.

Posted by franmartins06

Francesco Martins aka Fran. Moved to USA when I was 16 yo to study English where I still living for 30 years now. Even with the all the distance and the time away l never forgot my Brazilian roots and my passion for Brazilian Music. Music is in my blood, with my eclectic musical taste you will find a little bit of everything on my #CantinhoDoVinil, hashtag I created to use every time i post some my collection n social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).