Month: June 2018

Turntablist: DJ Rogério Fiorelli

  DJ Rogério Fiorelli was born and raised in Casa Verde Alta, São Paulo north side and grew up listening to all music genres like Original Funk a.k.a. Balanço, MPB, Rock, and Electronic Music,  which […]

Turntablist: DJ Barata

Paulo Júlio César a.k.a. DJ Barata was born in São Paulo’s northside and is a big vinyl collector. DJ Barata is the oldest of 3 brothers who are also DJ’s. Musically his uncle was his […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Jennifer Cogburn

Vinyl Collector: Jennifer Cogburn Calligirljen on Instagram  Country: U.S.A. Genres: Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B, Country, Metal, Hip-Hop Collecting For 10 Years   I collect vinyl because, for me, it is the purest format for music; […]

Turntablist: DJ Eduardo Brechó 

  Eduardo Brechó is known by some as a composer producer and by others as a DJ but mostly for always been doing what he loves which is music in general.  Eduardo Brechó grew up […]

Vinyl Releases:  Piano & A Microphone 1983

Released for the first time this Fall, a new Prince album Piano & A Microphone 1983. Nine track, 35 minute album Piano & A Microphone features music Prince recorded onto a studio cassette during a private session at […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Altan Mentes

Vinyl Collector: Altan Mentes Unknownman_lee  on Instagram  Country: Turkey Genre: Pop, R&B, Italo-Disco, Rock, World, Electronica & Synthpop  Collecting For 19 Years I collect because I love the sound of vinyl.  I prefer vinyl over […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Piu Robson

Vinyl Collector: Piu Robson aka DJ Piu Robson   Country: Brazil Genres: MPB, Samba Rock, Acid Jazz, House Music & R&B, Rock Collecting For 27 Years   Known by my peers as DJ Piu Robson, everyone […]

Turntablist: DJ Jean Raps

  DJ Jean Raps was born and raised in Pari, São Paulo, and is the youngest of three brothers who are also DJ’s.  His uncles were his biggest influence growing up because they used to […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Scott

Vinyl Collector: Scott Milianos aka DJ Scott   Country: Brazil Genres: Gambo, R&B, Hip-Hop, Samba, Samba Rock, Collecting Vinyl For 30 Years   I have been collecting  vinyl since 1988 when through a friend, I acquired my […]

Soul Voce e Eu: (June 2018 Episodes)

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