Featured DJ: Rinaldo



DJ Rinaldo, a São Paulo native born in march of 1966, started playing music for fun when he was 10 years old.  However, by the time Rinaldo was 12 his uncle spotted his DJ talent and invited Rinaldo to spin for the Marines at the United Nations Club on São Paulo’s south side and from that moment he never stopped.  He later met DJ Satã at the Circuit Power event where he also  met DJ Armando Martins and DJ Maura Torres. It was at that event that Rinaldo also became a member of Circuit Power Team.

Rinaldo has played in many venues like San Francisco’s former Taboão da Serra, The Sport Show in Vila Santa Catarina, Club da Caixa D’agua in Penha, as well as the Atlético Club in Osasco, São Paulo. He took a few month off during his father’s passing and marriage and ended up leaving the Circuit Power but still meeting up with them at Radio Antena 1 on Consolação Street.

However, his friendship with pioneer DJ Armando Martins is still going strong today, in fact Rinaldo is still getting invitations to play with his friend for fans who still remember and miss all the fun they used to have back in the days of São Paulo’s nightlife.

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