Vinyl Collector: Junior Bronquinho 

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Country: Brazil

Genres: MPB, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Soul, R&B

Collecting for 5 Years


I collect vinyl because I can not live without music. Since forever, I have had a predilection for Brazilian music and its infinite strands of genres.  I realize that I choose through the heart when it comes to choosing something to listen to, because  I feel music is the emotion that completes us and is the act of taking us somewhere.  Listening to music is the equivalent of being in tune with all my feelings.  When I started to collect vinyl the passion was immediate and for the last five years I have been dividing between the A and B sides of the “Bolachao” (Brazilian nickname for vinyl record).  In a very particular ritual of loving and even suffering, it’s lovely to sit back and watch vinyl spin in front of me.



“10 Albums That Intensified My Love For Music And Still Relevant Today”.

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My name is Maurice Edwards and I’m an avid vinyl collector, music historian and novice DJ. My music background consist of 20 years of music retail and promotion and independent artist consulting. I had the fortune of working for two of the largest music retail outlets; Tower Records and Virgin Megastore. After my tenure with major record stores in 2004, I founded a web-based self-funded start-up company called Evolution of Media (EOM) which focused on the needs of independent and major artists in the music industry. Evolution of Media (EOM) grew from 27 unique visitors to over 50,000 unique visitors per month within the first year of going live. What set EOM apart from other competitors was that we limiting site reviews and recommendations to only outstanding emerging artists and major artist that were not visible within the mainstream. Besides working with independent artist from around the globe I established working relationships with the promotion departments of Sony, Interscope and Shanachie records assisting them with extra promotion for artist such as; Al Jarreau, Sky Edwards (Morcheeba), Miki Howard, Vesta Williams, Phil Perry and many more.


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