Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Maurice Edwards

Vinyl Collector: Maurice Edwards aka International Kat

International_Kat on Instagram

Country: United States

Genres: Jazz, Electronica, R&B, Pop, World, Blues, Pop Vocals

Collecting For 4 Years

The art of collecting vinyl became appealing to me again, roughly 4 1/2 years ago, around the time Spotify streaming was beginning to transition into the preferred music format of the current generation.  Despite this evolution, a “little bird” whispered in my ear encouraging me to start collecting vinyl again. I must admit,  I was hesitant at first with the concept because of the cost; the resurgent of the vinyl format has had made collecting vinyl  an expensive hobby.  However, after 10 minutes I eagerly re-embraced the role of collecting vinyl again as my primary music format; not realizing that the vinyl collecting process would eventually cleanse and heal my broken spirit.

As an illustration of my vinyl collecting ritual,  I began visiting my favorite record and thrift stores several times a week and hunting for hours in hopes the random classic title or discovering something new.  Apart from growing my new collection,  I also began enjoying the random vinyl conversations I would have with other collectors on the hunt  in the stores, however, it was the the vinyl sharing on Instagram that motivated my vinyl collecting and the positive re-building of my self-esteem .  As a result, the vinyl collecting ritual literally gave me the strength, hope and purpose to help myself from the downward spiral I was experiencing living with chronic anxiety and depression. My anxiety has extremely lowered since i converted back to vinyl as my main format because of the intimacy of holding and album and reading the credits while the music plays combined with my new found patience that I contribute to listening to a full album instead of listening to random singles.  Vinyl collecting has helped my depression tremendously because it’s an activity that required me to leave the safety of my home to deal and adjust to the outside realities, it forced me to re-build my social skills I lost hibernating for years and most of all it helped me to  re-establish my real purpose in life:

To share the stories of vinyl collectors around the world.  

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