DJ Eurides 2

Eurides Gomes Pedro aka DJ Eurides Pedro was born in Assis, São Paulo  and moved to the capital of São Paulo when he was 21 years old.  DJ Eurides has always has been a big music lover ever since he was about 10 or 11 years old  when he received his first Phillips Monophonic stereo as a gift along with his very first vinyl record called “Grupo Originais do Samba”.  It was from that moment that DJ Eurides started collecting vinyl records.

DJ Eurides 3Growing up DJ Eurides  recalls  having lots of music influences, “I remember back then lots of musician used to recorded songs in English and changing their names to sound more like they were from an English speaking countries”.  When DJ Eurides was 15 years old living in a very small town where ”Sertanejo Music” was the mainstream music and the only type of music that was played on the radio,  however, he remembers his neighbors and friends were into hard rock and classic rock at that time so DJ Eurides started listening and collecting rock vinyl; like Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne to Supertramp.  Unfortunately, he gave all his rock records to his friends without any knowledge of the value he was holding in my hands.

As time went on DJ Eurides music influences became more geared towards pop music but being in a small town was really hard to find record store that sold pop music because radio and shop owners in his town only played and sold “Novela Soundtracks”.  Fortunately, by the time he moved to São Paulo where his life had completely changed,  DJ Eurides remembers going to a party at Palmeiras Fields and discovering his desire to be a DJ, it was at this time that he decided to pursue his dreams of being a DJ.  Eurides started buying equipment and playing gigs here and there in small venue and after learning his craft in small venues,  he upgraded his equipment and started getting better gigs.  DJ Eurides admits that he never make much money during those times but it was all the people he met that was priceless; some would become good friends while were simply healthy competition.

DJ Eurides has no regrets about life and  continues to enjoy spinning music, while not being emotionally attached  to material thing.  Today, DJ Eurides only buys vinyl from artist that he loves or sound good to him.  By 2018, DJ Eurides consider himself just a vinyl collector who occasionally gets behind the table.  DJ Eurides remarks “I  still buy music that I love and that sounds good to my ear”.  He also voices his opinion on collectors who buys rare records and don’t spin them.  “I don’t buy records that I am not going to listening to and I  don’t buy records just because there rare or because nobody else has it.  DJ Eurides acknowledges all of today’s new technology and digital music, and has  nothing against it,  but he will continue to only buy vinyl because he believes that it’s important to keep vinyl alive.



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