DJ Julia Keeps Vinyl Alive With New Program ‘Soul: Voce e Eu



I am here with DJ Júlia Vieira from EP Musical TV, host of Soul: Você e Eu Program every Saturday from9 PM to 11PM

First of all thank you for talking with me on your special day.

Today April 20th is Julia’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday, wish you all the best and much success!!


It’s a pleasure to be here  and I am very pleased for this opportunity.

I would like to thank my sponsor  and dear friend Maurice Edwards from The Pluginin Exchange, we go way back on social media sharing our passion for vinyl record, thanks again for all the love and support. I would also like to give a shout-out to Gilson Carlos from Giquel for believing in me, perhaps the only one who pushed me to pursue my dream.  Indeed today, April 20th is a very special day, it’s my birthday and this interview and the exposure has been a very special gift. Thank you!!


Tell me a little bit about EP Musical TV and Soul, Voce e Eu program?


EP Musical TV was the vision of Glaucio Almeida, Kassius Augusto, and Walter Ramos, so when I received the invitation to be a part of Soul: Você e Eu it was love at first sight. They had this vision of using me for Soul: Voce e Eu because of my relationships with other DJ’s and people who relate to music in general.  Everything just seemed to happen so fast and overnight Soul: Você e Eu was born, and of course with the incentive and help of my friends I said yes, even though I didn’t know what the overcome would be. Luckily the response of the fans has been very positive.  Thank you EP Musical TV for this amazing opportunity, and for believing and pushing me. The idea of Soul: Você e Eu program came so naturally, that we decided to try it out without any expectation and now it has became my baby.  I just love doing the show and sharing with my audience my record collection and my passion for music.


You share your space with a different guest DJ’s each week, who’s idea was it ? Yours or EP Musical TV?


Well this was carefully thought out from both parts, from the beginning I wanted the program to flow on its own with or without a guest DJ, since there are various programs out there where they have famous guest DJ’s.  We hesitated with the idea at first but eventually I came to a conclusion that it would be very nice idea helping  DJ’s who are trying to launch their career and using this platform to just  give them the opportunity to show their musical taste, I thought that would be a very generous gesture not just from me but from EP Musical TV as well, and it’s a win win situation where we can learn from each other.  I know lots of DJ’s with awesome vinyl collection and very eclectic musical taste out there that I said hey why not give them a shot?


How and when did you become a DJ?


(laughter) Well I don’t consider myself a DJ, at least not professionally.  I am a vinyl collector who has passion for music  and who love to spin it for fun.  I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

I guess I inherited that from my parents I used to play DJ at home with my father’s record and used to listening to radio a lot growing up as well  Although, I have been playing gigs here and there,  I still don’t consider myself a professional DJ,  but I am working on it.


Who are your biggest music influences in Brasil and internationally?


Wow (laughters) here in Brasil everyone knows my love and respect for Jorge Ben Jor. I have an extreme passion for his work , it’s something I can’t explain, he had a huge impact in my life growing up. l also love Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Djavan, among many others but it’s safe to say that Jorge Ben Jor  is my biggest influence.


How about internationally?


Oh that would be a huge list, but Marvin Gaye, oh Marvin  is the one who has my heart and soul  just like Jorge Ben Jor here in Brasil.


We already talked about your passion for music, but let’s talk about vinyl records in particular.  Tell me how and when you started collecting?


My passion for vinyl started when I was about 7 years old, I remember my father coming home on weekends with a vinyl and before he even had a chance to open it I used to grab it from his hand and be the first one to give it a good spin.  I remember been  fascinating with the art works, the inserts for the fact about has side A and side B. And once you put the record on you are committed to staying put and enjoying the tune, because back then there weren’t remote controls to skip song or fast forward/rewind songs.

I  started collecting when I was 10 years old, my father came to me one day and asked what would I like as gift for children’s day (which is on October 12); children’s day is a big deal here in Brasil every kid here looking forward to this day,  I don’t know if any other countries celebrate that. However, when my dad asked what I would like as a gift my immediately response was I wanted Lobão’s new album “Vida Bandida”.  Lobão was the “IT” artist at that time, so that was my very first vinyl record that I could called my own.  From then on, I always asked for vinyl on birthdays, Christmas, etc, until I was 15 years old and by that time CD’s took over and vinyl slowly disappeared. I started collecting vinyl again about 4 years ago.


You mentioned that you aren’t a professional DJ but what are your plans for the future as a DJ?  Where do you see yourself let’s say two years from now ?  TV show perhaps?


(laughter) Well a TV show with the same format as Soul:Você e Eu it would be awesome, actually it would be a dream coming thru.

My plan is to continue to connect with people who share the same passion for vinyl and keeping vinyl alive.  Although I have always been very shy, thanks to social media I have been meeting lots of collectors from all over the world  which has been great especially for my personal growth.  I have been breaking barrels and overcoming my shyness. My goals are to meet more people and interact more because I love people, I am a people person and this is a good thing because I am constantly learning from people and getting introduced to new music, that’s priceless I think.


Thank you again for speaking with me, it was pleasure playing journalist here (that I am NOT) it was nice to learn more about “You” , furthermore to get to know a little more about  your passion for vinyl and music in general.

Wish you all the best and continue success.  Congratulations on your program its very fresh and entertaining.



I am very grateful for this opportunity and very happy with all the good things that is happening in my life now.

Thank you again The Pluginin Exchange and my dear friend Maurice.

Thank you  Gilson Carlos from Giquel, also thanks to my good friend Fer ( Fernando Oliveira) from Ribeirão Preto, for always lifting me up.

Thanks Vivi  from Vira Bolacha for all the help, love and support.

Thank you Fran for being my partner in crime, you have being my international bridge throughout this whole time.  And last but not least EP Musical TV for believing in me and making this happen.


You can catch Soul: Você e Eu every Saturday from 9 to 11PM

EP Musical TV

Or streaming live  EP Musical TV by following on Facebook

If you missed it don’t worry you can watch all the past episodes here 

The Pluginin Exchange: DJ Julia – Soul: Voce e Eu Past Episodes

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