Almost Persuaded is the 10th studio album released by jazz/pop duo Swing Out Sister. It was produced by band member Andy Connell. It is the culmination of “Moveable Feast”, a PledgeMusic project that had been running for several years.

There’s no irony in play here, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. It’s a kind of uptown pop music that flourished in the era of Dee Dee Warwick’s “When Love Slips Away”, Lou Johnson’s “The Last One to Be Loved” and the Forum’s “The River Is Wide”, but with updated components and a modern sheen. In other words it’s civilised escapism, pure and simple, designed to carry you into a different world.

Track List:

  1. Don’t Give The Game Away
  2. Happier Than Sunshine
  3. Almost Persuaded
  4. Which Wrong Is Right?
  5. All In A Heartbeat (late night version)
  6. Until Tomorrow Forgets
  7. I Wish I Knew
  8. Everybody’s Here
  9. All In A Heartbeat
  10. Something Deep In Your Heart
  • Be My Valentine
  • Something Deep (reprise)

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