Artist Spotlight: Larissa Luz

Name: Larissa Luz (

Genre: MPB, Pagode Baiano, Samba-Reggae



Artist Biography

Larissa Luz was born in Salvador, Bahia, in 1987. She was the daughter of a Portuguese teacher named Regina Luz and grew up in the middle of books and music. At the age of ten years old Luz began to study the keyboard at Tom’s Musical School with the amazing teacher Soraya Aboim. Since then Larissa Luz has not stopped, she has continued with her personal mission of becoming a professional singer, which now includes taking a free guitar & theatre course at UFBA.  Luz through herself  into the artistic movement: participating in drawing competitions and acting in plays known throughout Bahia. 

Once confident in the areas of ​​music and theater Luz decided to leave her dreams drawing behind.  Luz began her singing career singing and performing in shopping malls eventually performing at popular Salvador bars, such as Sérgio Stone. Larissa Luz would soon join the band Lucy in the Sky, Egrégoras and Interart; performing several shows a day on cruise ships.  Between 2007 and 2012, Larissa was a member of the band Ara Ketu until the former vocalist, Tatau, returned to be part of the group again.

Now a solo artist, Larissa Luz recorded her debut album Território Conquistado showcases the strength of black women, their strength, faith, affirmation, and aesthetics.  Território Conquistado also makes reference to black artist such as Jazz Singer, Nina Simone,  Peruvian Poet Victória Santa Cruz and the American Author, Bell Hooks.  It was through the work of these black creators, Larissa discovered her greatest influences. Território Conquistado was selected by Natura Musical 2014to perform shows in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo.

Larissa Luz’s  Território Conquistado was nominated at the 2016 Latin Grammys, in the category of “Best Contemporary Pop Album in Portuguese Language”. 

Artist Discography




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