Artist Spotlight: Viet Vo Da House

Name: Viet Vo Da House (

Members: Christian Bouaziz, Patrick Genuite

Genre: Asian World Music, Electronica

Rating: ♦♦♦♦  (4 of 5)

viet vo



Artist Biography

Viet Vo Da House is Christian Bouaziz (guitar) and Patrick Genuite; two French gentlemen living in Vietnam.  . Bouaziz and Genuite eventually became known among the traditional musicians and multimedia artists of Vietnam; that eventually joined together to become the super group Viet Vo Da House.

Christian Bouaziz (guitarist) is an aficionado of jazz-rock tinged with bossa-nova and blues. His style is particularly groovy and funk and gives this particular color to Viet Vo Da House mixes.

A former student of French guitarist Lenny Lafargue (Paul Personne & Memphis Slim) motivated Christian to constantly perfect his technique for imaginative music arrangements, harmonies and composition; which is apparent when you listen to his multiple musical collaborations.  In 2013,  He collaborated with “La Grande Sophie”, a famous pop-rock artist from France, Ray Lema, the famous jazzman, and of course Vietnamese collaborations with Le Cat Trong Ly and international jazz guitarist Nguyen Le.

Patrick Genuite (computer, samples, vocals, guitar, Dan Kim) has a passion for electronic sounds and traditional music.

Genuite, has had an exemplary musical career; he studied at the Conservatoire de Sete, was an sound designer and singer-songwriter while residing in France.  His love for traditional Vietnamese music has grated him the opportunity to participate in multiple musical collaborations with respected traditional Vietnamese music teachers from the conservatory of Ho Chi Minh City.

Genuite has lived in Vietnam for 10 years and has deeply immersed himself  into the culture of Vietnam traditional and ethnic music: singing Vietnamese folk tunes at provincial fairs throughout the country.
Patrick Genuite collects, samples and writes songs for Viet Vo Da House that reflect the traditional sounds and songs of Vietnamese people living in the villages.









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