Marina Lima: Novas Familia (New Families)

••••• out of 5

Brazilian singer and songwriter Marina Lima is back with her 21st studio album “Novas Família” New Families. The album is very refreshing. Marina Lima’s last live album “No Osso” was released two years ago. She said that “No Osso” was like closing of a cycle and the restart now has a name called “Novas Famílias”.  Produced by Marina Lima, Arthur Kunz and Dustan Gallas, “Novas Família” brings together 8 new songs plus a bonus track; a re-recording of “Pra Começar” one of her 80’s big hits from the “Todas Ao Vivo” album released in 1986.
Marina Lima is known as a prominent female pioneer of Brazilian Rock Music in the 80’s. Novas Famílias however brings a variety of music genres like ballads, samba, funk and electronic sounds. My personal favorite track is “Juntas” where she talks about the rivalry of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro calling it kind of “childish”.
Marina Lima grew up in the USA and moved back to Rio de Janeiro when she was 22 years old. Marina Lima has been living in São Paulo for the past seven years and rediscovered herself while living in Brazil’s largest state and most diverse city, São Paulo. 

I can’t stop listening to Novas Família and hoping for a vinyl release.


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