Prince Side Project: Vanity6



Vanity6 is a girl group assembled by the rising star himself Prince back in 1981. Vanity Six’s “nasty girls” image was introduced to music fans as the female counter-part to Prince’s “rude boy’ image.  Vanity6s’ personas were as followed;  Denise “Vanity” Matthew’s role was lead singer while her persona was that of the sexy vamp clad in a black leather camisole and trench coat, whereas, Susan Moonsie persona was the innocent shy female holding a teddy bear and wearing white camisole, while, Brenda Bennett persona was that of the smoking tough chick she wore a blue camisole with studded belts strapped around her waist.

Vanity6 only recorded one album, which was simply called Vanity6, however for diehards and/or curious minds, there are tracks floating around that were recorded for a sophomore album which unfortunately never occurred, due to Vanity departing the group for a solo career. Unreleased songs include: “Sex Shooter” (original version), and “Vibrator”.


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