Brian Eno to Release Huge Box Set ‘Music For Installations’

Music For Installations is due out on May 4, 2018 via Astralwerks.


Brian Eno is releasing a massive box set featuring music he has written for installations from 1986 to the present. All of the music on Music For Installations is either “new, rare, or unreleased.” The projects the music is culled from were featured at the Venice Biennale, the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg, Ritan Park in Beijing, the Sydney Opera House, the Astana Expo in Kazakhstan, and more.

A 64-page booklet included with all versions of the set (the 6-disc standard CD version, the 6-disc CD super deluxe version, and the 9xLP vinyl super deluxe version) features visual art and photographs from the original exhibitions. See images of the 6-disc deluxe box set and the full 9-disc vinyl set below. Eno is also slated to release a collaborative 12″ with My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields on Record Store Day (April 21), featuring the previously released track “Only Once Away My Son.” 

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