Prince Side Projects 2: Apollonia 6

Apollonia 6

Apollonia 6 ••• out of 5

Apollonia 6 was assembled during the early stages of Prince and the  whole Purple Rain era, enters Patricia Kotero aka Apollonia to replace Vanity in the film as the leading lady and also was responsible for fronting  a revamped group called Apollonia 6; a softer version of Vanity6 in my personal judgement.  The new lineup consisted of  Susan Moonsie and Brenda Bennett both hold overs from Vanity 6 and Patricia “Apollonia” Kotero on lead vocals.  Prince had written a lot of  great songs for the Apollonia 6 album, however due to her lack of vocal prowess of Apollonia,  Prince changed his mind and gave all the songs intended for the Apollonia 6 album, to other artist whom all .had hits with.   WiVkipedia states ” Prince had originally intended his classic tracks “Manic Monday” (later recorded by The Bangles), “17 Days” (later used as the B-side to “When Doves Cry”), “Take Me with U” (released on the Purple Rain soundtrack) and “The Glamorous Life” (recorded by Sheila E. in 1984) for the Apollonia 6 album”

Despite Prince’s lack of interest in the project, the heavy hitter came through to save the project at least musically and this project also allowed Brenda Bennett to sing lead on three songs. Musician on hand were The Revolution; Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman, Bobby Z, Dr. Fink, Brown Mark, Sheila E and Jill Jones.

Songs that made it onto the Apollonia 6 album:

1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian – Apollonia

2. Sex Shooter – Apollonia

3. Blue Limousine – Brenda

4. A Million Miles (I Love You) – Brenda

5. Ooo She She Wa Wa – Susan

6. Some Kind Of Lover – Brenda

7. In A Spanish Villa – Apollonia


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