Prince’s Song Soft & Wet For Sale

By Bang Showbiz in Music / Festivals on 15 February 2018

A songwriting credit on Prince’s first solo single is for sale on eBay.


The ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ hitmaker – who passed away from an accidental overdose in April 2016 – co-wrote ‘Soft and Wet’, with Chris Moon, and now his collaborator has put his stake in the song up for sale on the auction website, listing the unusual lot with a Buy It Now price of $490,000.

Chris – who was credited with nurturing Prince’s career in the late 1970s – told the Star Tribune newspaper: ”It’s very unusual, but it’s completely real.

”Nobody has ever done anything like this before that I know of, so I understand why some people don’t believe it.”

While the buyer wouldn’t be recognised as Prince’s co-songwriter on the track, which appeared on his 1978 album ‘For You’ and peaked at number 92 in the Hot 100 chart, the new owner of the rights would receive songwriting royalties, revenues from streams and album purchases as well as any future earnings the song generates.

But as the song isn’t particularly well known, Moon – who also owns the ‘Purple Rain’ singer’s demos which secured his record contract with Warner Bros., and the full rights to an unreleased song called ‘Make It Through The Storm’ – admitted the buyer is very unlikely to make a profit from buying the credit.

He said: ”Anyone who buys this probably shouldn’t be doing it for financial purposes.

”It’s more about owning one of the most unique collectibles ever related to Prince.”

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