Released in February

Numbered, Limited Edition 180g White Vinyl 5LP Box Set!
Limited To Only 500 Copies!


Demon Records are pleased to announce Average White Band Pick Of The Pieces: The Vinyl Collection. This rigid slipcase houses 5 selected classic AWB albums. Each title will be on white 180g heavyweight vinyl, with printed inner sleeves. Each box set is individually numbered and contains a print signed by the classic line-up of Alan Gorrie, Hamish Stuart, Molly Duncan, Onnie McIntyre, Roger Ball and Steve Ferrone. These five albums contain numerous hit songs including “Pick Up The Pieces”, “Queen Of My Soul”, “Cut The Cake”, and “Let’s Go ‘Round Again”.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. “1. You Got It
  2. Got the Love
  3. Pick Up the Pieces
  4. Person to Person
  5. Work to Do
  6. Nothing You Can Do
  7. Just Wanna Love You Tonight
  8. Keepin’ It to Myself
  9. I Just Can’t Give You Up
  10. There’s Always Someone Waiting
  11. “


Disc: 2

  1. “1. Cut the Cake
  2. School Boy Crush
  3. It’s a Mystery
  4. Groovin’ the Night Away
  5. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
  6. Why
  7. High Flyin’ Woman
  8. Cloudy
  9. How Sweet Can You Get
  10. When They Bring Down the Curtain
  11. “


Disc: 3

  1. “1. Overture
  2. Love Your Life
  3. I’m the One
  4. A Love of Your Own
  5. Queen of My Soul
  6. Soul Searching
  7. Goin’ Home
  8. Everybody’s Darling
  9. Would You Stay
  10. Sunny Days (Make Me Think of You)
  11. Digging Deeper (Finale)
  12. “


Disc: 4

  1. “1. When Will You Be Mine
  2. Please Don’t Fall in Love
  3. Walk on By
  4. Feel No Fret
  5. Stop the Rain
  6. Atlantic Avenue
  7. Ace of Hearts
  8. Too Late to Cry
  9. Fire Burning
  10. “


Disc: 5

  1. Our Time Has Come
  2. For You, for Love
  3. Let’s Go ‘Round Again
  4. Whatcha’ Gonna Do for Me
  5. Into the Night
  6. Catch Me (Before I Have to Testify)
  7. Help Is on the Way
  8. If Love Only Lasts for One Night
  9. Shine
  10. Into the Night (Reprise)

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