Watch Bjork’s New Video “Utopia”

By Rolling Stone Magazine


Björk takes fans on another dreamlike journey in her new video for “Utopia,” the title track off the singer’s latest LP.

With Björk donning the facial prosthetics seen on Utopia‘s unusual album cover – she called the video for the title track “a moving cover” –  the artist sits in a woodsy, pink environment surrounded by fellow flute-playing nymphs that sway around in subdued revelry, plus bird-like creatures gliding through the air. The musician also wears a “chest orchid” throughout the visual.

The video ends by revealing that the pastoral terrain, Björk’s vision of utopia, is actually a floating island in a pink sky.

The Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones-directed “Utopia,” filmed in Björk’s native Iceland under her creative direction, follows similarly whimsical clips for Utopia‘s “The Gate” and “Blissing Me.”

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