Artist Spotlight: Big Time Orchestra

Name: Big Time Orchestra (

Members: Big Time Orchestra

Genre: Big Band (Swing, Pop, Rock & Soul)

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Artist Biography

The Big Time Orchestra is band from Curitiba who enjoyed early success being on the program Superstar on Globo; where Big Time Orchestra stayed  in the Top 9 for five amazing performances. The Big Time Orchestra also performed the  show “Comes Hot I’m Boiling“, a re-reading of legendary singer-songwriter, Erasmo Carlos, the band went viral with about 9 million votes from viewers.
With 10 years of touring under their belts, the band has garnered  more than 800 concerts throughout Brazil, and South American, along with shows in Japan and the United States. Big Time Orchestra is considered today the main big band of the Brazil. Their rich repertoire, featuring covers of swing, pop, rock and soul classics, from influences such as; Elvis Presley, The Police, The Beatles, Jorge Ben Jor, Tim Maia, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and U2. It is this mix of influences that makes the Big Time Orchestra’s stage show a true spectacle like the musician that influenced them.

Artist Discography

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