Artist Spotlight: Jewel Box

Name: Jewel Box (

Members: Ricardo Fernandes, Rafael Dentini & Vinicius Amstalden 

Genre: Rock

Jewel Box


Artist Biography

Jewel Box is a Brazilian band formed nearby Campinas, São Paulo.

In 2013, Rafael Dentini and Vinicius Amstalden, who played together, decided to start a project which they could apply their music knowledge and influences to create their own songs.

The songs refer directly to the band’s biggest musical influences, like: The Beatles, Queen, The Who, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Elton John, Eagles, among others.

The main features of its compositions are the usage of vocal harmonies, well elaborated melodies and arrangements. The usage of vintage instruments also guarantee the focus of the band’s concept.

Few months later and after some songs written, Ricardo Fernandes, a mutual friend who had participated in other projects, was invited to become part of the band.

In 2016 Jewel Box got together with the music producers Luis Granja Venturin and Rogers Masson to record its first album.

Artist Discography

Jewel Box – 2016


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