Prince Projects 3: The Family

The Family 

The Family was a short lived band formed by Prince in 1984 and whose members included musicians left from The Time that had disbanded for solo careers.  Members of the Family included St Paul Peterson, Susannah Melvoin, Jellybean Johnson, Jerome Benton, and Eric Leeds. 

In Wikipedia: 

Much like The Time, the band’s material was composed nearly entirely by Prince, with the exception of “River Run Dry,” which was written by Revolution drummer Bobby Z. Prince wrote and performed all the other tracks and simply overdubbed Peterson’s and Melvoin’s vocals and added saxophone and flute by Leeds. On several tracks Prince’s vocals can be clearly heard. Some of the original demos have surfaced as bootlegs and circulate among fans with Prince’s original lead vocals, as well as two outtakes: the instrumental “Feline” and the pop song “Miss Understood”. As on other associates’ albums, Prince falsely gave credit to the various band members for writing credits, though he kept his name on “Nothing Compares 2 U”. The tracks were all recorded in a few weeks’ span at the end of the year 1984 after Prince had finished sessions for Around the World in a Day, and just before he started to record music for Sheila E.’s album Romance 1600 and his own album Parade.

In my collection I have just the studio album but I’m keeping my eyes open hoping to run across the 12 inch of the single “Screams of Passion” at my favorite record stores.

The family 3


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