Artist Spotlight: Tita Lima

Name: Tita Lima ( 

Members: Tita Lima

Genre: Brazilian World Music, Hip-Hop

Rating: ♦♦♦ (3 of 5)

tita lima2

Artist Biography

Singer and composer Tita Lima was brought up in a musical family in Brazil. Her grandmother mentored her on piano, and she later learned bass from her father, a veteran of the ’70s era Brazilian rock band Os Mutantes. As Lima became more proficient on bass, she began playing with local musicians in São Paulo. She cut her teeth singing and playing with artists such as Bocato, João Donato, and Luz de Caroline before relocating to Los Angeles. Studying at L.A.’s Musician’s Institute offered Lima inroads to the city’s bustling, vibrant community of world musicians. As she fixed her sights on recording a debut solo record, Lima saw the potential in taking the best from both of her worlds. She returned to Brazil to record guitars, bass, voice, and horns. The drums and percussion were recorded in L.A. via the internet. After putting the finishing touches on the project, titled 11:11, Lima found that labels were uninterested in her mix of samba, bossa nova, hip-hop and dub, calling the sound “too jazzy” and unmarketable. Determined to see her project through, Lima began pushing the record herself. The single “A Conta do Samba” was included on the compilation Brownswood Bubblers put out by the Brownswood Recordings label, drawing the attention of European audiences to Lima’s unique style and sound. As more people became interested in the music, the more people wanted to see her perform. And so, surrounded by veteran sidemen from both L.A. and Brazil (whose playing credits include Celia Cruz, Keb’ Mo’, Airto Moreira, Sergio Mendes, and more) Lima performs at festivals throughout the states and Europe.





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