Artist Spotlight: Paul Hanna

Name: Paul Hanna (Paul Hanna)

Members: Paul Hanna

Genre: Folk, World Music

follow no trends


Artist Biography

Paul Hanna’s music reflects on the need and want for the people to live in a peaceful, simple, and conscience manner. The music is a mix of acoustic-folk- island style with African / South American influence. Stories and life, light on the ears music.

In every way music is used, it is victorious. Pause and think of a time when u didn’t turn too music and you will produce empty thoughts. The cave inside us creates the answers, it is our Puppeteer. Giving up to the Puppeteer will allow us to discover our road. Which then allows us to journey up that road, bringing us peace. If we all traveled down our roads? All would have peace.

We are not solo on our journey. No. I need to use you, u need use me. Use me instead of curse me, beat me, guess me.
me me me — No good

The music made here is a plea for Consciousness.

..a diamond in the rough. Hanna has the potential of becoming a poet laureate of the Isles.”
Wayne Harada (Honolulu Advertiser)

“When I listen to Paul sing, it’s frightening. I hear Caetano Veloso’s great songwriting skills of consciousness. He has Jorge Ben warmth, and depth musically with just a pinch of Bob Marley’s yearning thrown in for good measure. I even feel some Don Mclean seeping through his pores.” Maurice Edwards (The Pluginin Exchange)

-“Paul’s music and talent has placed him in a global position as one of the young stars for the UN International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non Violence among Children of the World.” (Joanne Tawfilis)

-2009- placed in the Indie International Song Writing Contest.

-Airplay: 103.7 Maui – 98.9 Kaui – 95.3 Rio Brazil – 90.3 HI
WTMD Maryland – WRFU Chicago – KAFM Colorado KAOS Washington – WAER Syracuse – WTUL New Orleans
Public Radio HI – – Ezreal Radio – UK

The music is his tool to interact with the people. Best way to know Paul is through his music…Paul Hanna



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