Artist Spotlight: Lino Krizz

Name: Lino Krizz (

Members: Lino Krizz (vocalist, composer, producer)

Genre: Brazilian R&B, Hip-Hop & Samba


Lino Krizz 2


Artist Biography

Lino Krizz is a singer, songwriter, producer and actor who has composed more than 300 songs. One of Lino’s main characteristics is his vocal versatility to sing almost any style from hip-hop to beautiful ballads with sophisticated melodies. Lino Krizz was  influenced by such Brazilian legends like: Tim Maia, Cassiano, Luiz Melodia and Carlos Dafé. When one experiences Lino Krizz work,  you can definitely hear the strong influences of Bossa Nova, 70’s Funk, Samba,  Rock “N” Roll , Samba-Rock and Modern Soul.
Not only a versatile vocalist, Lino Krizz is also an amazing producer and composer.  His first album “O Som Das Ruas” was released by Sony Music from 1987, and received Gold status.  In 2000 and 2001 Krizz received platinum CD along with Brazilian rock group IRA!, for the Acoustic MTV DVD.  In 2005, Krizz and DJ Hum formed the rap group Motirô, and had success on the Brazilian charts with the song “Miss”.  The Japanese band Mondo Grosso, singer Elza Soares, and the band Sandália de Prata all covered Krizz’s hit song “Quem Sabe … Sabe !!!”

Lino Krizz has participated singing live on stage or in the studio recording with national and international artist such as: Ed Motta, Alexandre Pires, Sandra de Sá, Seu Jorge, Fernanda Porto, Rogério Flausino (J Quest), Nando Reis, Jorge Ben Jor, Zezé Mota, Cláudio Zoli, Ira !, Paula Lima, Falcon (O Rappa), Toni Garrido (Black City), Living Color, George Benson, Will I. Am (Black Eyed Peas), Marku Ribas and many others.  Krizz also toured Europe and performed too pack houses, with rapper Mano Brown and Racionais Mc’s.

The song “My Life Iz On U” from his solo album Divisor de Águas was released on the Urban Soul Connection label in England.  Currently one of his most popular compositions is the song “Come Dancing with Everything” from the soap opera Avenida Brasil. In episodes 35, 36 and 37, the song was also used in the plot line, in addition to the exhibitions in Baile do Divino, one of the scenarios of the soap opera .

Artist Discography



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