Artist Spotlight: The Jack Moves

Name: The Jack Moves (

Members: Zee Desmondes (vocalist, guitarist) & Terry Powell (vocalist, instrumentalist & producer)

Genre: R&B

Rating: ♦♦♦ (3 of 5)


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 Artist Biography

Biography by Andy Kellman

Throwback R&B duo the Jack Moves consist of falsetto-equipped Zee Desmondes (vocalist, guitarist) and Teddy Powell (vocalist, instrumentalist, producer). They crossed paths skateboarding in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, joined musical forces, and eventually based themselves out of Newark, New Jersey. In 2010, Desmondes and Powell released a dusty ballad titled “Fool for You” on Full Time — the name of their label, like their name, presumably a reference to a line from Ice Cube’s “Jackin’ for Beats.” A few years later, the musicians connected with the record label extension of Wax Poetics magazine and released another 7″ single, the elegantly finessed and aching “Doublin’ Down.” In October 2015, following the release of their third and fourth distinctive singles, the duo issued their self-titled debut album.

Artist Discography


Released 2015
Released 2015

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