Personal Song Of The Day: Gotta Move By Barbra Streisand

One evening when I was watching a movie call “Where Love Has Gone” with Bette Davis,  a song began to play that I never heard before but I recognized the voice: it was Barbra Streisand and after a little research I learned the name of this song that was dominating my mind. The song is called “Gotta Move”.

Personally, this song expresses my desire to relocate to a place where I can be free, where I can speak my opinion without opposition,  a place where people enjoy being social with each other. The bongos and violin express my need to quickly make a decision because there is no time to waste, however, not knowing where to go.  Most of all “Gotta Move” represents needing to relocate because I don’t agree with the politics anymore with the place I used to call my home.

Barbra Streisand – Gotta Move (The Second Barbra Streisand Album) 1963 by Peter Matz


The-second-barbra-streisand-albumGotta move, gotta get out
Gotta leave this place, gotta find some place
Some other place, some brand new place
Some place where each face that I see
Won’t be staring back at me
Telling me what to be and how to be it
Some place where I can just be me
Gotta move, got to get out

Gotta leave this town, gotta find some town
Some big new town, some bright new town
Some new town with new places, new lives
And most of all some new faces
Gotta find a man, a new man

A man who won’t worry ’bout where I go
A man who won’t ask how I learned what I know
A man who will know that you’ve gotta be free
A man who will know when to just let me be
Gotta move, gotta get out

Gotta change my life, gotta find my life
I’ll find me a place in some new town and baby
And when I find me that new place, then maybe ours,
Gotta leave this town
Gotta leave this place
Gotta find a new man

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