Pluginin News: Chuck Berry Releases New Album “Chuck”

Before his death Chuck Berry was working on a new album called simply “Chuck” to be released  June 16th 2017. Sources say that the record is the best work Mr. Berry has done in  decades. Even though, the album isn’t due to drop until June 16th, a single “Big Boy” has been released, featuring Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. The Berry family, Chuck Berry Jr. on guitar and Ingrid Berry on vocals and harmonica were also very instrumental in their father’s new project.

Track List


  • “Wonderful Woman”
  • “Big Boys”
  • “You Go to My Head”
  • “3/4 Time (Enchiladas)”
  • “Darlin'”
  • “Lady B. Goode”
  • “She Still Loves You”
  • “Jamaica Moon”
  • “Dutchman”
  • “Eyes of Man”


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