Are The Grammys Really A Honor

The Grammy Awards are known around the world as America’s top music award; a honor that represent musical excellence and industry acceptance. The Grammy Awards from the beginning has worked to recognized some of the greatest achievement in recorded history such as; Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles and Michael Jackson to name a few.

ella0However, in the past couple of decades, the Grammy Awards have been having a difficult time upholding the Grammy Award standard because it appears that the program has shifted from an evening of  excellence to a popularity contest. When and why did the Grammy association decided to change it format? Is it a result of a shrinking talent pool to fill out the 3 hour program.

This years outrage over Adele winning Album Of The Year over Beyoncé. is a perfect example of how the Grammy Association is really striving to hold on to tradition. Most young music lovers feel that Beyoncé is a better live performer than Adele; I will admit Beyoncé is a better performer, however Adele is a better singer, so when Adele won for Album Of The Year I was not upset about the decision.

I, personally stop enjoying the Grammys because I feel that the award show is more like the American Music Awards where a dancer can win R&B Album of the year and entertainers like Beyoncé can win 14 Grammys because they are popular. The real question becomes is Beyoncé winning because of popularity or is she dominating because of lack of competition due to the ever-shrinking talent pool. 46th Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

In fairness, the Grammys has always walked a fine line between entertainers and musicians, has always taken heat from critic and fans and frequently accused of not getting it right. I expect that type of push and pull from the Grammys, However, I’m beginning to suspect that the old Grammy format it is no longer a valid measure of musical excellence in the digital era. The door is open for a new awards show with updated rules and categories that reflects the talent of today. .


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