Rozetta Johnson – A Woman’s Way: The Complete Rozetta Johnson 1963-1975

22 tracks, recommended.


Rozetta Johnson was a product of the same Atlanta/Birmingham Alabama music scene that flourished during the early 70’s, and is documented on Kent’s Hotlanta Soul series.  Cutting sides for the NRC, Jessica, and Clintone labels, Johnson had a start-stop recording career between the years 1963 and 1975—in between which she spent a lot of time performing in nightclubs.  Johnson’s biggest hit was “A Woman’s Way”, which reached #39 R&B in early 1971, while it’s follow up—“Who Are You Gonna Love (Your Woman or Your Wife)”—reached #44 in mid-’71.  The Clinton tracks, mostly overseen by Sam Dees (who has his own collection, Kent 426), are typical early 70’s soul in the Honey Cone/Freda Payne/Hot Wax/Invictus mode—as exemplified by “Mama Was a Bad Seed” and “I’ve Come Too Far With You (To Turn Back Now)”.  The early 60s stuff on Jessica and NRC is pretty forgettable except for the live oomph of “I Understand My Man”.  The meat here lies with Clinton gems like “Mine Was Real”, “A Woman’s Way”, “Can’t You Just See Me”, and “I Can Feel My Love Comin’ Down”.  There’s nothing groundbreaking here, just some down ‘n’ dirty (with a few exceptions) Alabama Soul for fans of the genre.

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