10 Dionne Warwick Vinyl To Own

Digging through my vinyl collection I decided to pick through Dionne Warwick discography to analyze.  I have listened to and dissected many great singers and I consider Dionne Warwick  as one of  America’s top ten greatest singing treasures. Dionne Warwick’s  musical contributions to the industry, in my opinion, can never be duplicated or imitated.  Dionne Warwick is  also known as The First Lady Of Ease because of her amazing sensitive sound and impeccable vocal stylings. Below are my top ten personal favorite albums of  Dionne Warwick.


10 Dionne (1972)

The very last recording of the famous marriage of Burt Bacharach, Hal David and Dionne Warwick and  it was rumored that all parties were not speaking to each other during the   sessions. That explains why the songwriting,  the arrangements, and Dionne’s vocals are so melancholy in nature.  However, there is a gem in the bunch entitled “If You Never Say Goodbye” that is reminiscent of  classic Bacharach-David-Warwick.

9 Here Where There Is Love (1966)

Dionne and the team of Bacharach-Davis are now tackling more serious and mature themes during the recording of Here Where There Is Love.  Even though, they deliver the hits with songs like; What The World Needs Now, I Just Don’t Know To Do With Myself, Trains, Boats and Planes and the epic Alfie; the team during this recording are making a musical shift. On this recording you will also hear Dionne cover standards and music of her peers like Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind.


8 Promises, Promises (1968)

One of my personal favorites when I think of Dionne Warwick at her vocal best. Listening to Promises, Promises still sends chills through me when  I hear Dionne Warwick vocals cascade effortlessly amidst Burt’s ever challenging arrangements.  Music historians are torn when they discuss Promises, Promises; some felt Dionne went to pop for a lot of people while others felt she was making great strides musically and considered Promises, Promises some of her best work up to this point.

7 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (1970)

Even though, Burt Bacharach and Hal David didn’t write for the whole session of I’ll Never Fall In Love Again, we still have a strong album with Dionne’s common theme of heartbreak of love; Odds and Ends, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again, Knowing When To Leave and The Wine Is Young.


6 The Dionne Warwicke Story: A Decade Of Gold (1971)

Being an enthusiast of live recording and Dionne Warwick  A Decade Of Gold satisfies my taste when I want to hear live recording her hits during the early years, this has to be the best one will find on vinyl. Great compilation that highlights Dionne Warwick is various musical settings.

5 How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (1983)

A solid album through and through, How Many Times can be considered one of Dionne Warwick’s better 80’s album. Produced and written by Luther Vandross, he was successful with blending his style with hers’ and together they made How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye, So Amazing, And Got A Date  soul classics.


4 Friends (1985)

Another strong 80’s recording for Dionne Warwick, she was reunited with Burt Bacharach, and she had become one of the very first artist during this time to stand up and create awareness for the epidemic that was sweeping the nation called Aids. Even though, the single That’s What Friends Are For helped the sells of the Friends album,  I personally found Friends to be a stronger album than the Vandross produced How Many Time…. because Friends wasn’t produced with a tight structure; something Vandross was known for in the studio. Friends was produce and sang in a more relaxed and playful theme.

3 Here I Am (1966)

Dionne Warwick’s Here I Am is Bacharach-David-Warwick’s best concept album with some of their most charming work like; Here I Am, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Window Wishing, and the epic (Here I Go Again) Looking With My Eyes. Great pop music.


2  Hot! Live and Otherwise (1981)

Being inspired by singers growing up, one thing that always stood out with Dionne Warwick was her ability to sing other people’s material and make it her own. Hot! Live and Otherwise is a great in many ways because by this time Dionne musically had began to sing with a little more church lol and also her voice had began to deepen compared to her higher vocal keys of the sixties and early seventies. Flawless presentation.

1  Make Way For Dionne Warwick (1964)

If you only owned one Dionne Warwick album,  I guarantee that record would be Make Way For Dionne Warwick because it is  filled with classic Bacharach-David gems like Walk On By, You’ll Never Get To Heaven, A House Is Not A Home, Reach Out For Me, and The Land Of Make Believe.  I wouldn’t consider Make Way For  a concept album because Bacharach – David were still only focused on creating music for the singles market. What is exciting about Make Way For is the hunger you can hear and feel in the music of Bacharach-David-Warwick.


2 thoughts on “10 Dionne Warwick Vinyl To Own

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  1. Walk on by…oh yeah. Her voice…perfection…so easy. Love Ella…she was amazing and I always felt like she was fire, those sounds just belonged to her, and she was in control of them. But Dionne was like listening to a friend tell you something important, a way to let go, have fun, a way to fall in, or out of love, and to simply tell you what life was like for everyone. Your blog is wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many songs! “I’ll never fall in love again,” “How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye?” and I also think Dionne Warwick’s song, “Say a Little Prayer for You” was easy to sing along. (Every time I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you.)
    “Alfie” and “That’s What Friends are for” are stellar songs and Dionne has one of the sweetest voices! This post made me smile. Robin


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