Has The Future Of Music Lost Its Soul


I’m very concerned the an industry that I have a deep passion for is preceeding into the future with no  qualified artists to pass the musical torch on to. leaving the industry questioning the importance of raw talent and musical innovations.

Over the last decade, technology has totally taken over the music industry and has been on a campaign to fill the airways  with overly exessive amount of disposable artist and keep raw talent hidden.  Technology, has made it inexpensive for young producers to create a beat or sample, record anyone who is pretty, and the ability to cover up the indiviuals lack of musical ability with voice harmonizers and other studio trickery.  The focus has moved away fom the development of the career artist and has shifted to producer projects with artist being secondary.  Where this trend bgan is a topic for another blog, however,  if the music indutry  keeps up this climate of developing  disposable musical acts, the legacy of American music will greatly lose its status of musical excellence and innovation globally.

Freddie Mercury, lead vocalist of super group Queen stated it best,”There will be a time when technology becomes so advanced that we’ll rely on  them to make music rather than raw talent. Music will lose its soul”.  Freddie Mercury’s words have come true in the 2010’s.

Question, are there any artist being groomed to become the next David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, or George Michael? Who’s going to carry those torches.

Leave me a comment if you can help me answer this question and please keep real music alive




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